Joy To The World

Happy December!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in East Central Indiana with the snown on the ground.
This Sunday’s message will be on the song "Joy To The World."  We will take a further look at what that song tells us about the coming of Christ.
We are currently on a series for Advent, which means "coming," looking at Christmas songs.
This past Sunday we did "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."
The two main Scriptures were Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:21-23 which bring out the prophesy that Emmanuel would come, which means "God with us."
I want to take some time to really ponder that thought this Christmas.  God came to dwell with us.  Remember who God is, and all the power and holiness He contains and how He stooped down and came to be with us in the lowliest of forms as a baby born in a barn.  He lived as a common person, among common people and died a cruel death, perceived as a phony and a criminal by those in power.
Then He resurrected and would give new life and joy to all who would believe.  Wow!  That is quite a story.  That is what Christmas is all about.
Emmanuel.  God came to dwell with us and still does.
We have His Holy Spirit now with us who believe and God is with us.
Our four images of Jesus from Sunday are:
#1  Emmanuel (God with us)
#2  Rod of Jesses (Messiah/deliverer/Savior)
#3  Dayspring (Rising Sun, Light, Hope)
#4  Key of David (One with authority to open and close doors)
Remember to pray for our friends and loved ones who need Jesus as one of those this season and to invite them to our Christmas Eve service.
Our Bible Study on Genesis begins tonight (Thursday December 2) here at White Branch.
Also we are planning on having a young adult gathering soon, maybe Sunday December 12, and would like a few helpers to watch the children so those without children can mingle and feel comfortable with those who do.  The date is still being determined but if you would be interested in helping at this or a future young adult gathering to be with the children please let us know.
May God Bless you this Holiday season,
Brian Mackie
White Branch COB

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