Livin the Mission (Loving those in the Church)

We have now officially entered the Lent season as yesterday was "Ash Wednesday." I am sorry to say that I missed out on my annual tradition of eating packzi on Tuesday! :(
Lent is a tradition of the church some say dating back to the second century as a way of preparing new converts for baptism in the season leading up to the resurrection.  Since then its influence has grown and changed.  It is considered a time to focus on repentance (change of mind and actions) and spiritual disciplines (habits) leading up to the celebration of Good Friday and the resurrection.  It is a time to grow closer to the Lord specifically through fasting, praying and giving.  I encourage you in this time of the year to specifically focus on special giving, fasting or praying as a way to grow closer to the Lord as we lead up to the celebration of the Love Feast (our communion meal on Maundy Thursday), Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.
Regardless of your thoughts on the church’s traditions, or specifically Lent, these practices will be beneficial and I believe you will find this to be a time of great spiritual growth if you will allow it.
This week we continue our series, "Livin’ the Mission" with 1 John 4:7-12 and the message "Loving those in the Church." 
This past week I talked about identifying counterfeit christianity and false prophets.  I will attach the outline for you.
This week also note that we are having Bible Study on Genesis 16-17 at Bill Bowman’s at 5800 E. State Road 38.
Our leadership team meeting is next Tuesday March 15 at 7 pm. (Please note the change to the 3rd Tuesday from previous Wednesday meetings).
Hope you can join us.
God Bless,
Brian Mackie

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